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We Eat With Our Eyes First

This is perhaps the most important lesson my mother taught me.

Growing up in a Syrian home, food was always an integral part of our culture; every holiday, life transition, forged friendship, and special occasion was celebrated with the careful creation (and indulgence of) a masterful spread. As I watched my mother artfully prepare and present savory dishes, I gained a deep appreciation for a lovingly made, tastefully presented, cheerfully shared meal. 

Now, as a mother, wife, and food photographer with a heart for travel and a palate teased by adventure, I am always inspired.

Even as I chop, cook, create, arrange, snap, and edit out of a small studio in L.A., my inspiration is global. I draw from international cuisines, vibrant marketplaces, hole-in-the-wall eateries, and the colors and textures of vivacious cultures across the world. When I close my eyes, I still taste, see, and smell scialatielli pasta with just-caught lobster in Italy, and freshly homemade mokassa in Santorini, Greece, and I am reminded that food truly is the universal language of love.

My promise to you is to give life to your story by creating images that jump off the page, tickle the taste buds, and bring people together.